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Homely Prevention's for your Healthy Heart

PostbullApril 25, 2019 26 0

Healthy Heart - Heart Attack sounds familiar this word to everyone in the present era. This is such ...


Six common causes of early morning headache

PostbullMarch 13, 2019 48 0

Headaches are pretty nasty at any time, but getting one in the A.M. is a sure-fire way to get your d...


Easy And Effective Ways To shield your body from Holi Colours

PostbullMarch 7, 2019 35 0

March is the month that brings happiness and colors to our lives as the month itself is filled with ...


5 Tips to Protect Your Skin in Summer

PostbullMarch 7, 2019 36 0

Summers are about to come and I hope every one of you must be ready to hit the beach and pool with s...


Benefits of Drinking Alcohol

PostbullAugust 12, 2018 54 0

Everything in excessive is lethal for health but sticking to the limit can prove to be beneficial. W...


Seven Benefits of Lemon Water you never knew

PostbullAugust 12, 2018 22 0

Running behind the chemical based product we’ve fully ignored the natural products available i...


5 Foods to Avoid during Depression

PostbullAugust 10, 2018 43 0

If you think you’re suffering from a bad mood or depression then you should know there are man...


5 Essential oils and their Health benefits

PostbullAugust 9, 2018 41 0

Oil is one of the most essential things in our life. From head to food for everything need oil. One ...


Ten ways to Eat Water

PostbullAugust 9, 2018 44 0

We all know ‘Water is life’. Drinking an adequate amount of water is important for healt...


5 Food That’ll Help You Have a Deep Sleep

PostbullAugust 9, 2018 49 0

There are many people from suffering insomnia o.r sleeplessness. One of the reasons behind it is imp...


5 Symptoms that shows You’re Stressed

PostbullAugust 7, 2018 28 0

Stress has become a constant part of our life. People worry about each and every small thing. We all...


5 Habits that can Damage your Brain

PostbullAugust 6, 2018 37 0

The brain is the most complex and important organ for our body. It consists of billions of nerves ne...


Five Common First Aid Mistakes Everyone Makes

PostbullAugust 5, 2018 34 0

In our day to day life, we all face problems where first aid is needed but one should know the right...


Natural Aphrodisiac Foods Which Trigger Romance

PostbullAugust 2, 2018 35 0

Does aphrodisiac really work? Try them with your Partner and find out if science holds. Here is&nbsp...


Five Homemade ways to get rid of Dandruff

PostbullAugust 1, 2018 40 0

Have you tried so many shampoos and still face the same problem? Those pesky white flakes causing it...


How to reduce Hair Loss?

PostbullJuly 30, 2018 32 0

Men and women both are suffering from hair loss. It is the most common issue noticed all over the wo...


Stress Makes you Fat

PostbullJuly 18, 2018 29 0

We all know what makes us fat and i.e overeating or eating unhealthy. Don’t feel sometimes to...


Drinks to Kick start your Metabolism

PostbullJuly 18, 2018 40 0

Most of us are disease free but are we healthy? To be healthy it’s important to attain mental,...


Best Foods To Fight Arthritis And Joint Pain

PostbullJuly 17, 2018 46 0

Are suffering from Joint Pain or Arthritis? Don’t worry, Here are the Best Foods To Fight Arth...


Things to Avoid after Eating Diet

PostbullJuly 17, 2018 45 0

Do you know the things you always do after eating dinner are harmful to you? Each day these habits p...


10 ways to Help your Children have a Healthy Daily Routine

PostbullJuly 16, 2018 26 0

Kids’ mind is easily influenced. As being at a growing age they try to learn from everything a...


Five Benefits of Walking Everyday

PostbullJuly 15, 2018 46 0

A good walk can do wonders for your health. Being fit isn’t about having biceps or abs. It sim...


Foods to avoid Iron Deficiency

PostbullJuly 12, 2018 41 0

Iron, it is an important component to Hemoglobin which is the substance of Red blood cells. It carri...


Home Remedies to get rid of Dark Circles

PostbullJuly 12, 2018 43 0

Do you feel you’re looking older than your age? That’s how many women feel when they loo...


Drug or Pollution, who’s more Evil?

PostbullJuly 11, 2018 50 0

In today’s time, everyone around us consumes Alcohol and Cigarette even after being aware of t...


Food to eat in Summers to stay Cool

PostbullJuly 10, 2018 30 0

Whenever someone talks about summer, the one thing that comes to our mind is hot, dry and humid surr...


Food to add in your diet to Fight Cancer

PostbullJuly 10, 2018 39 0

Many people say there is no solution for cancer but we think you can always do your part. Here are f...


Dark Chocolates can Actually help you lose Weight

PostbullJuly 10, 2018 26 0

It's a good news for all the chocolate love. Millions of people love chocolates but are afraid to ga...


Get Perfect Body with Green Coffee

PostbullJune 28, 2018 47 0

Get the Perfect Body with Green Coffee.  Life is a precious and beautiful gift given by God to ...


Get Instant Fairness Easily within 2 Minutes

PostbullJune 28, 2018 47 0

Everyone in this world wants to look beautiful. It is obvious for a good personality for having fair...


How Meditation Unleashes the Power of Your Subconscious Mind?

PostbullJune 28, 2018 29 0

1. How Meditation unleashes the power of your Subconscious Mind? Our brain is a complicated subject...


Initial Tips to Practice Weight Loss

PostbullJune 28, 2018 40 0

Diet Plan To Lose Weight 10 kg In 60 Days If this year, if you are planning to lose weight then you...


Daily Health Tips Physical, Mental And Spiritual Practice

PostbullJune 27, 2018 51 0

  Daily Health Tips physical, mental and spiritual practice  Yoga is a form of physical,...


Yoga Aasan for healthy Lifestyle

PostbullJune 28, 2018 40 0

Yoga asanas for Healthy Lifestyle Do you need a glowing face, radiant skin, and a healthy body? Wel...


Ultimate Healthy Tips to Live Longer

PostbullJune 28, 2018 41 0

We all read articles related to health and follow none. But do you know our unhealthy lifestyle is h...


Natural Remedies for Dark Spots and Injury Wounds

PostbullJune 28, 2018 45 0

We all have wounds which are there on our face since childhood and due to which we feel embarrassed....


Health Benefits of Yoga For Glowing Face and Beautiful skin

PostbullJune 28, 2018 25 0

In this modern world, pollution and bad lifestyle habits have compromised the healthy life and healt...


How I Reduced Myself from 85 kg to 54 kg Within 2 Months

PostbullJune 28, 2018 80 0

These days people are stressful for their increased weight. Are you surfing the internet to find a s...


Major Types of Lung Cancers Are Heavily Dependent On Sugar, Research Shows

PostbullJune 28, 2018 33 0

Some kinds of lung cancer tumors really like sugar, and blocking that sweet tooth might offer a way ...


'Baby Food Diet' is not a Diet Solution

PostbullJune 28, 2018 24 0

A lot of people have asked me about developing a weight loss plan that revolves around baby food. ...


Diabetes: The Silent Killer of the Heart

PostbullJuly 4, 2018 47 0

Diabetes mellitus (DM), simply means high blood sugar level; has become the global epidemic, affecti...


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