food to eat in summers to stay cool

Food To Eat In Summers To Stay Cool

Whenever someone talks about summer, the one thing that comes to our mind is hot, dry and humid surroundings. The temperature leaves us dehydrated and in that situation, we look for ways to keep ourselves cool. Here are 5 Food to eat in Summers to stay Cool:

Curd/ yoghurt


The curd is delicious as well as help us to keep our body cool. You can intake any product of curds like a glass of buttermilk or Raita. Both of them are heat savior. To change the taste you can add fruits to curd which will increase the water level in your body and keep you healthy in summers.

Coconut water

Coconut water

It is the most nutritious food to tolerate these summer days. It has the cooling effect on our body which keeps us hydrated. It contains mono-saccharine, carbohydrates, simple sugar with essential minerals which help in preventing ageing and maintaining the water level in the body.



It contains 90 percent of water and is a great source to keep ourselves cool these summer. A glass of watermelon can do wonders and prevent acne and ageing. It provides amino acids, sugar, and vitamins which adds to our health.



This vegetable is the best option these summer as it is cheap and easily available. It also helps in keeping our body hydrated and cool. It has fibers which prevents constipation and lower the blood pressure too.



When we sweat our body lose the minerals like potassium and sodium which reduces the nerve coordination. Bananas help in restoring them and it is the best food for the summer season.

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