A good walk can do wonders for your health. Being fit isn’t about having biceps or abs. It simply means being in good mental and physical state. We spend 8-9 hours sitting on the chair in the office. Taking a walk will refresh you and new ideas will flow through your mind.

Here are five benefits of walking:

  • Walking for 15 minutes a day will improve your mental health. When we exercise our body releases a chemical called endorphins which have a positive impact on our mind.

  • Brisk Walking for 30 Minutes can burn around 150 calories a day. The longer you exercise or walk the more weight you lose.

  • Higher the physical activities lower the risk of cancer. Walking 30 minutes daily and help you reduce the risk of cancer. Women who have menopause should also do it to avoid breast cancer risk.

  • It also helps in preventing diabetes as it lowers the blood glucose level and improves the body’s ability to use Insulin.

  • 30 minutes walk every day can benefit you in making your immune system stronger and fight various infections.