stress makes you fat

Stress Makes You Fat

We all know what makes us fat and i.e overeating or eating unhealthy.

Don’t feel sometimes to eat an extra piece of cake or chocolates even when we know we’ll regret it after a couple of minutes? Is it just greed or something else?

We all know for healthy living self-control is important but do you know Stress also makes you fat?

Stress makes you fat

Chronic stress disrupts sleep and blood sugar which leads to hunger and comfort eating. High level of stress can lead to sleeping disorder and more disrupted blood sugar level, increased body fat and type-2 diabetes.

Let’s Learn How Stress makes you Fat.

When you stress your body goes into either “fight or flight” mode. Your body thinks that you're in danger and wants energy. So, ultimately it starts releasing glucose in your blood to provide energy to your muscles. And when you don’t need that energy pancreas to start releasing insulin to neutralize or drop your sugar level to the earlier one.

Stress makes you fat

This rise in insulin and dropping of sugar level makes you hungry and you feel like grabbing sugary items to eat when you feel stressed. The same thing happens when you don’t get an adequate amount of sleep and spend a sleepless night.

Stress makes you fat

Breathing activities to push stress away.

Here are few breathing activities which will benefit you if you include them in your daily routine:

  • You can do it any position sitting, standing or lying whichever is comfortable for you.
  • Starting breathing deeply through your nose without forcing it, to a count five.
  • Then Gently exhale via the mouth, to a count five.
  • Repeat the same process for three-five minutes.
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