benefits of lemon water you never knew

Seven Benefits Of Lemon Water You Never Knew

Running behind the chemical based product we’ve fully ignored the natural products available in the world which can benefit us immensely. Celebrities and fitness freaks never start their day without Lemon water. Here are Seven benefits of Lemon water.

Lose Weight

If you’re struggling to lose weight Lemon water is your Best Friend. Studies have shown that polyphenol in Lemon prevents in gaining weight. You can replace your morning orange juice with lemonade to see better results.

It prevents from getting sick

Getting Sick

Lemon is a citrus rich fruit which contains Vitamin C. Lemon help in boosting the immune system. The Lemon also helps in preventing infection. It also has antioxidant properties which help in preventing diseases.



Lemon water helps in digestion as the lemon contains the acid. The citrus in the lemon can help stomach in breaking down food which will improve overall digestion.

It gives a Vitamin C Boost

Vitamin C

All citrus fruits are a great source of Vitamin C so is the lemon. Vitamin C is a powerful source of antioxidant which prevents cells from forming free radicals. It can also help us stay safe from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

It helps to keep you hydrated


Hydration is not the direct benefit of lemon. Adding lemon to the water can change the flavor of the water and can help you consume more water than you usually do.

It may help you look younger

Look younger

Lemon can definitely help your skin. Lemon contains Vitamin C which can help in fighting against free radical and can protect the skin. Also, hydration helps in staying youthful.

It may help liver function

Liver function

Lemon also helps in the function of the liver which helps it becoming a better body’s filter. Boosting overall hydration helps in improving the function of all the organs in the body, including Liver. The citrus in the lemon can help you fight against toxins and reduce fat in the liver, protecting against fatty liver disease.

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