things to avoid after eating diet

Things To Avoid After Eating Diet

Do you know the things you always do after eating dinner are harmful to you? Each day these habits put our health at risk. Here we’ve come up with 5 things to avoid after eating Diet.

Sleeping or Lying

Sleepin after meal

These are favorite things of many people. People usually eat food and got to bed and take rest. But it's really unhealthy and dangerous for your health as it changes the direction of digestive juices towards the esophagus due to gravitational force. As it is acidic in nature it burns the inner layer of the esophagus causing acidic reflux.

Avoid Drinking cold water

Avoid drinking cold water after meal

Immediately after eating food we all consume water but consuming cold water can be harmful as it doesn’t allow food digestion and causes clumping of food. On the other hand, hot water helps in the absorption of nutrients.

Never Bath Just after the Meal

Never bath after meal

Wait at least 30 minutes after Eating meal. The process of Digestion requires a lot of blood flow and energy but when we bath the blood rushes towards skin to release heat and makes the process difficult.


Don't drink tea after food

Drinking tea is healthy but instantly after the dinner can cause Iron deficiency as it contains tannic acid which binds to iron and protein and causes a decrease up to 87% in iron absorption.

Don’t eat fruits after meals

Don't eat fruits after meal

Of course, eating a fruit adds to our diet but not eating them after the meal. As we all know fruits are easy to digestive so when we eat fruits all after the food they stuck with food and don’t reach intestine on time. It gets spoiled and also spoils the food.

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