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5 Foods to Avoid during Depression

By: Postbull - Last Upadte August 10, 2018


If you think you’re suffering from a bad mood or depression then you should know there are many foods which can worsen your situation. Here are 5 Foods to Avoid during Depression.

Fruit Juice

There fiber in the fruit which slow downs the how your blood takes in energy. A fruit juice is a nutritious sugar water which can hype you up and make you feel hungry and angry. The fruit juice can worsen your depression so better to ignore it. Eat whole fruit and drink water when you feel thirsty.

Diet Soda

So do you think no sugar, no problem? Not exactly. Diet soda may not have sugar but it can make you depressed as the cousin of sugar will take that responsibility. It can be bad for anxiety too.


Yes, you heard it right. Toast which is made up of white bread can have a bad effect as it turns into blood sugar soon after you eat it. But you’ve one more option, Eat toast which is made up of whole-grain bread.


The coffee can make you nervous and jittery. It can also mess up with sleep. It doesn’t help anxiety or depression. It makes you feel dejected so better to cut it down from your diet. If you’re with it then it's okay! It can make you feel less depressed.


We all love them but don’t include them in your routine. Make them a treat. As it contains all the wrong ingredients white flour, sugar, fiber which can affect you during the depression. So try to avoid them.

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