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Five Homemade ways to get rid of Dandruff

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Have you tried so many shampoos and still face the same problem? Those pesky white flakes causing itching is embarrassing in public. If you are tired of dandruff and their medical treatment then it's time to try these homemade formulas.

There can be many reasons for the cause of dandruff. Dry skin and skin condition can be one of those reasons.

Coconut Oil and Lemon Massage

Coconut oil nourishes the hair and helps in the growth while lemon treats dandruff. It is the easiest and natural way to remove dandruff. All you need to do it heat the teaspoon of coconut oil and mix the juice in the same proportion. Gently massage your scalp with it, keep it or 20-25 mins and then wash it off with shampoo.

Fenugreek Pack (Methi)

Soak fenugreek (methi) in water overnight and then drain the water. Crush the softened methi seeds into a paste. Apply it on the scalp and keep it for about an hour and then wash it shampoo.


It can messy but effective at the same time. All you need to do it apply curd on your hair and scalp. Let it remain for an hour and then wash it with shampoo.

Tea Tree Oil

It's another home remedy to treat dandruff. Pour few drops of Tea tree oil in your and massage your scalp with it. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and wash away with shampoo.

Henna or Mehndi

Henna softens the hair and also gives the shiny color to it. Mix Henna or Mehndi with Lemon juice and keep the mixture for almost 8 hours. Apply it on your scalp and hair and leave it for 2 hours. After that, you can wash it away.

Dandruff can be irritating and harmful for skin. Do try these to get rid of it.

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