Tuesday, June 18 2019

Privacy Policy

Data Collection and Use:

This page has been created to inform the user about the privacy policy of the website. This page will explore and explain different aspects of data collection by the company, their privacy right, and all privacy-related concerns. You are advised to go through this to understand how we as a company use the data provided by you. So kindly go through them carefully:

Involuntary data collected by us:

Apart from the data provided by you, we also collect certain information automatically. This information may include

These data and information are necessary to make our website and you're as a user experience better. These data help us to create or mold the content specifically of your interest. As mentioned earlier in the voluntary information we do not transfer, rent or sell these to any third party service provider with your consent.

Voluntary Information and data provided by you:

When you agree to the terms and condition and decides to register yourself on this website, we ask for your name, email address, telephone number, image etc. We collect this information to make our website better for you. This information is also used to inform you about your subject of interests, or subjects you have subscribed to. This information is safe with us and is saved encrypted in our company’s database. This information is in no way, transferred, rented or sold to any third party services with your consent.

How we use this information collected from you:

All the information and data collected from you is used to improve our services towards you. It helps us provide the content exactly as per your needs. We also use this information to keep you updated about the website and topics you may have subscribed. You can always opt-out of these services whenever you wish to.

Information used for advertisements:

Our website has promoters and sponsor which is required to run the website. Some of your information might be used by these promoters to pitch their products as per choice and preferences. The information used by them is covered under our privacy policy and Terms & Condition. Any information will not be against your privacy rights.

This shared information only helps you indirectly as the promoters cater the services as per your need. These promoters and advertisers are under the law which guarantees you against any misuse of your information against your consent.

Social Media Services:

The website may have links to different social media accounts and websites. These social media links may use your data or information while you interact with their service on this website. The company does not have any authority over there terms of use. In order to know what information they may collect or save. This information will let you know whether you want to continue using their services or not. These third-party social media websites are not covered under the parent company's terms and condition.


We take user information very seriously and thus follow the industrial procedure for safeguarding your information. All the data collected from you are first encrypted and then saved in a secure location. This data is only accessible to a few authorized people who deal in this matter. Any outsourcing of data to promoters or sponsors is done under the industry standard acts. Although we take utmost care to safeguard your information and keep your privacy concerns checked. Nobody can guarantee a 100% Security claim in this present modern day world. Thus, the company cannot be held responsible in any such circumstances. You agree to give us the information and in exchange, we provide you with our services. That said, we assure you that these information has been stored under best of industrial security measures.

Updates on Privacy Policy:

The information on this page is subjected to change as per the requirements and needs of the company. The registered users will be duly informed if any such changes are made in near future and are of concern to the users. The company, though hold all the rights to make changes and amendments on the page without any prior notice to the user. The company cannot be held responsible for any charges in regards to the changes made in the privacy policy