Everything in excessive is lethal for health but sticking to the limit can prove to be beneficial. We all know the causes of drinking alcohol but science has proved that drinking alcohol within the limits can really help you in many ways.


It helps in reducing the risk of cancer and also the risk of coronary heart disease.


It reduces stress level and helps in fighting bad breath in the morning. It reduces hypertension and aids digestion. Vodka also helps in reducing fever.


It contains the antioxidants and helps in reducing the bad cholesterol level in the blood and keep the heart healthy. It helps you sleeping and fight the causes of free radical.


It can help in losing weight and also reduces the chances of heart diseases. When tequila is consumed with water it can aid digestion.


It contains the polyphenol antioxidants which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and strokes. It helps in maintaining better memory and is also beneficial for skin and gives anti-aging benefits.

White Wine

It increases the bone density and lowers the cholesterol. It boosts the immune system and improves skin’s health.