symptoms that shows you’re stressed

5 Symptoms That Shows You’re Stressed

Stress has become a constant part of our life. People worry about each and every small thing. We all ignore the symptoms as we consider it as a part of our life. From reaching office to what to make in dinner people waste a lot of time stressing. We stress over the things we can’t change even after knowing the fact nothing will help but worsen our health.

Here are five symptoms that show you’re stressed. Don’t ignore them and start working on your mental health.

You can’t keep your eyes open

Symptom Stressed

It happens that we feel drowsy and can’t open our eyes. It's not always a sign of tiredness. It can be the that you’re stressed. The body tries to shut down stress by taking rest. Napping is healthy for health but if you find yourself drowsing every time you feel stress then its a case of stress-related fatigue. Oversleeping is one of the symptoms of depression.

Flood of Emotions

Flood of enotions

If you feel numerous emotions at a time then it is also a sign of stress. When you can’t figure out what’s your emotion as you get stuck in many emotions like - frustration, loneliness, fear etc. When thoughts are running through your mind and you can't focus on the present moment. It can be due to the worry about future or past happenings.

Freeze Response

freeze responses

Sometimes one can feel froze in some situations. One may feel stiffness in some part of the body. Sometimes people may find it difficult to respond to disastrous situations. The freeze response is noticed in extreme situations.

You may Faint


Sometimes you may feel that you might get faint. The vision goes blurry or induces nausea which can result in the faint. This the response of long-term stress. The stressor may shut down during that to survive.

Body aches

Body aches

If you woke up and feel like as if you have walked a marathon and your body aches then in some cases it pretty normal but if your multiple body parts ache at a time then there’s a chance that you’re suffering from stress.

To Avoid stress Meditate Daily breathe deeply and stress time with your loved ones.

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