habits that can damage your brain

5 Habits That Can Damage Your Brain

The brain is the most complex and important organ for our body. It consists of billions of nerves network called neurons and other kinds of cells. The brain controls almost everything in our body from thinking to physical output. Do you take care of your head? Here are 5 Bad habits that can Damage your Brain.

Don’t Cover your Head while Sleeping

don't cover head while sleeping

Sleeping with head covered with sheet can cause brain damage. Studies show that 23% of the people who cover up their head while sleeping can suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer. Covering up head which sleeping cause lack of oxygen to the brain which is harmful And also it decreases the amount of oxygen under the sheet and we breathe the air we exhale which doesn’t contain much oxygen and harms the brain.

Chronic Lack of Sleep

lack of sleep

Lack of sleep has become the most common. Most people suffer from this but it is extremely harmful to your bain. It can cause Alzheimer and other neurological disorders. Continuous lack of sleep can also harm the memory. During sleep, many enzymes are released to remove toxins and by-products. It is very important to take around 7-8 hours of sleep at night.



Water makes up ⅔ of our body and plays a crucial role in daily body function. That’s why dehydration can lead to several diseases like migraines, constipation and kidney stones. It can also affect your mood and overall brain function. Few symptoms of dehydration are anxiety, fatigue, and irritability. Loss of water shrinks the volume of the brain. This shrinkage causes a dehydration headache. Ever mild or temporary dehydration can impact brain function which affects the mood throughout the day. Due to this, you won’t be able to give you 100% and our performance will go down. Drinking water after 20 mins can reverse these effects. Cold water is more helpful during this as it absorbed 20% faster than the normal water.

Chronic Stress

chronic stress

There are two types of stress- Acute stress and Chronic stress. Not all stress is bad. Acute stress is the reaction of an immediate threat. Commonly known as fight or flight response. While chronic stress is which stays for a long time. This harmful for our health and can cause weight gain, digestive issues, hormonal disbalance, cancer, heart disease and many more. It also causes tiredness, memory loss, anxiety and brain fog.

Lack of Mental Stimulation and Exercise

lack of mental exercise

The more active your brain is the better your memory turn out to be. So, read as much as possible, stay social active (do not isolate yourself). It’ll help your brain to stimulate. Constantly challenge yourself to do something new.

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