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10 ways to Help your Children have a Healthy Daily Routine

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Kids’ mind is easily influenced. As being at a growing age they try to learn from everything around them. Most of the parents say their child is lazy, stubborn or terrible. Their all-time discussion is about their kid but nothing positive. If you don’t believe me then visit a school bus stand to eavesdrop on conversations.

We all know that our child is imbibing bad habits but what’s the solution to control. Here are 10 ways to Help your Children have a Healthy Daily Routine.


Set boundaries for your child though it's difficult to make a child follow them. They may push you back or scream endlessly to meet their demands. At that point, you’ve to act like a wall and resist them. Don’t be a door, be a wall. When your child screams that mean he’s is moving towards the acceptance.


This is very difficult for new learning children but tries to make them follow it from so that they learn the sense of control. Make routine cards and let them know what you expect from them at the different time of the day.


Fix early bedtime for your child. Sleep is very important for each human but children to need it more than us. As their mind is developing and is constantly learning.


Try to be in their shoes and learn how they feel. It plays an important role in predicting children’s happiness and success. They have to learn just like we did.


Hugs can enhance a child’s growth. According to research, it has been shown that gesture of hugging releases oxytocin when it boosted several hormones like insulin, growth hormone and nerve growth hormone are also released.

Play with kids

These days people have not time for their family. Everyone is so much busy in making money ignoring the fact they’re losing time with the one they are earning for. Parents need to understand that it's important to give your child time. They won’t always be young. Put phones aside and try to take out time for them.

Outdoor time

Try to take your child out in the park. As the researchers say, physical activities can help in growth from creativity to academic to emotional stability.


Children require experiences. As we all know experiences are the best lessons. Try to organize a picnic or toss a football with them, draw with chalk. There are many things you can do. Your child will not remember the toys but the moments spent with you which will make your bond stronger with each passing day.

Look at them

Take some time out to watch your child doing activities and remind yourself they are remarkable. That would give you lots of happiness.

Music and Reading

Both of them are really important music triggers the brain and help your child to hear so keep music on. Do read for your child from the moment they infant as it’ll help them speak and understand the language. And the kid who already knows develops a habit of reading and become aware of the world around.

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