Yoga asanas for Healthy Lifestyle

Do you need a glowing face, radiant skin, and a healthy body? Well, this is not a far-fetched dream at all as you can easily get all this without wasting money on expensive beauty treatments or gym. Add these simple yoga asanas to a daily routine and achieve the goal.

Here we have described some yoga poses which when coupled with good Ayurvedic skincare tips can generate a startling effect on your face and skin.


On the path to glowing face and healthy skin, the right way of breathing comes at the first position and because of this Kapalbharti pranayama is the best yoga that helps in the development of healthy and glowing skin.

• First of all, sit in any comfortable posture and keep your neck and back straight.• Then exhale forcefully through your nostrils and during exhaling pull your abdomen. Then inhale
• Repeat the process of exhaling and inhaling for 5-10 minutes.


• Sit on the yoga mat and keep your back straight, not too much just be in a comfortable position.
• Look forward and then bring your right knee to touch your left hip. After this, bring your left knee in such a way that it touches your right hip.
• In this yoga asana, your both legs will be crossed with each other. Then place your hands on thighs and take deep breathe in and breathe out.


• Sit down straight on the yoga mat with your both legs stretched out. Then place your right palm on right knee and left palm on the left knee.
• Now inhale in a slow way. Then bend forward and try to catch your toes with your fingers. Bend your arms in such a way that they touch the floor.
• Now exhale properly and stay in such a position for 5 seconds or as you can but don’t overdo anything. Then return to a comfortable position and then repeat this entire process for 4-5 times.


• Kneel down on the yoga mat with your legs parallel to the ground. Make sure your back is straight.
• Then move your thigh inwards and put your hands on your hips. After this, bend your body in such a way that it touches your heels by lifting your chest upwards.
• Stay in this position for a few seconds and also continue the process of exhaling and inhaling.



• Lie down on the yoga mat and in such a way that your face touch the floor.
• Open your palms towards the ceiling. Then lift your legs and hips in such a way that they touch the floor.
• After this, stretch your body and bring both hands towards your ankle. Hold the toes with your ankles. Hold this position for a few moments and then come back to a resting position.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

• Lie down on yoga mat facing downwards with your palms near your head.
• With your head down, you have to inhale and exhale slowly.
• Slowly lift your head upwards and stretch your arms. After this, slightly bend your back in the backward direction and hold that posture for 2-3 seconds. Now come back to starting position and repeat this asana for 3-4 times.

Once you begin to practice these simple yoga asanas daily, you will feel reflection on your skin and also get a peaceful mind. Just keep stress at bay and practice yoga asanas regularly to get a youthful glowing skin.

These were some of the health and fitness tips and advantages of yoga and meditation which teaches you how to live healthily.