In our day to day life, we all face problems where first aid is needed but one should know the right way too. Here are the five common first aid mistakes everyone makes. We’ve jotted down the solutions too.

Tipping your head back during a nosebleed

This is the worst thing you can do during a nosebleed. It’ll help make blood flow down your throat and will ultimately lead to blood vomit.

Nosebleed happens due to the allergy from dry weather. In this situation lean forward to press the bridge of your nose. It can be cured in 10 minutes but if it takes more than that consult your doctor.

Putting heat or cold on a burn

This is what old people advice but remember it can be harmful as the skin may trap heat and cold. Our aim to bring the temperature back to normal.

When you get stuck in such situations Run cold water on the burn for several minutes. Don’t use icy water. Cover it with a clean dry gauze and take medical care.

Spitting on a cut to clean it out

People believe that saliva washes away gems but it is opposite. “The mouth is colonized with potentially harmful bacteria that can result in a wound infection,” say Doctors. Don’t watch the wound in a river or streams it may cause bacterial or parasitic infection.

Wash the cut with tap water or sterile saline water.

Washing a knocked out tooth

Most of us don’t know how to tackle a situation when you lose a tooth. Cleaning the tooth seems the better option to us but don’t do that. Rather keep the tooth in a cup of milk and consult Dentist.

Putting heat on a sprain or fracture

This will worsen the inflammation. When we apply heat blood flow is boost which can cause more swelling. In such situations apply cold initially and save heat for Back Spasms.