Monday, July 22 2019



Do you miss fighting tooth and nail with your Brother?

PostbullJuly 17, 2018 40 0

He called me after a long time. It's not that we don’t get time to talk or we don’t have...


The Rebound Relationship

PostbullJuly 5, 2018 35 0

‘Stop depending on someone for mental support and still, you’re doing this trust me you&...


That Lady was an Angel

PostbullJuly 5, 2018 26 0

When I lost my mom, I went into depression. It took me around 1 year and half a year to recover. I c...


What’s the worst Mistake you’ve done in your Life?

PostbullJuly 5, 2018 25 0

Scrolling down on my Quora profile, my eyes laid upon a question “What’s the worst Mista...


The Tragic Rain

PostbullJuly 3, 2018 33 0

These droplets falling straight on my head has witnessed so many moments of my life. From concealing...


Farewell: A Battle of Title or Realisation of love?

PostbullJuly 2, 2018 33 0

That day I spent 4 hours on parlor, 3 hours in a queue waiting for my chance and it took around one ...


Age 18

PostbullJune 29, 2018 44 0

We all eagerly wait for our birthday each year and celebrate it enthusiastically without realizing t...


When Facebook Scared Me

PostbullJune 27, 2018 23 0

Monica Gaur, that’s the name I used to conceal my identity behind the screen. Everyone around ...


A Resentful E-rickshaw ride

PostbullJune 26, 2018 43 0

Stepping outta home has become a tough task for women as people on the streets thinks you are their ...


An Unlearnt Lesson

PostbullJune 26, 2018 42 0

She wasn’t an inspirational speaker or my family to make me feel the power within me. I met he...



PostbullJune 20, 2018 35 0

After an exhausting day, I was moving back home. Metro has really shortened the distance. Usually, I...


At least you Don't Judge Me

PostbullJune 22, 2018 25 0

Dear Diary, At least you don't judge me. I know how selfish I’m to turn to you when I feel de...


Best friend or Boyfriend?

PostbullJune 21, 2018 26 0

Sometimes I feel heartless. Or I should say the word made me so. I remember when i was in 7th grade....


Are you a Chorophobic?

PostbullJune 26, 2018 31 0

Yes, I'm a Chorophobic and dancing at parties is not my cup of tea. But what if a swashbuckler asks ...


Please Don't Turn Back, Sam

PostbullJune 22, 2018 31 0

I never thought I'll be the one to ask you to never turn back. I’m not new in love it's been ...


Should I Call Him Savior?

PostbullJune 22, 2018 28 0

Should I Call Him Savior? Scene 1: A few days back I met with an accident. I went to the doctor and...


The Interview

PostbullJune 27, 2018 38 0

“Thank you, sir, I’ll join from tomorrow.” saying these words I parted from my int...



PostbullJune 29, 2018 30 0

She  always Instructs me on What to do and How to do. I've Imbibed Each inch of Womanliness she...


Come Back

PostbullJune 13, 2018 32 0

“I will come back tomorrow, I promise” she said. “My exams are going on Mom. You ...


Me Too.

PostbullJune 13, 2018 36 0

I shaved for the first time and when I entered my class they started teasing me by calling me a &ldq...


The ugly Middle Position

PostbullJune 13, 2018 32 0

Have you ever been in an ugly middle position when you thought nothing can work out for you? When yo...


Being a Small Town Girl

PostbullNovember 14, 2017 27 0

I finished my education and moved to another city for a job. On the first day of my job, someone ask...


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