best friend or boyfriend?

Best Friend Or Boyfriend?

Sometimes I feel heartless. Or I should say the word made me so. I remember when i was in 7th grade. I went to a new school and there I made a friend, Pratakshya. I was so introvert that I didn’t know the name of half of the students in my class. After some days a new admission entered in my class. I was least interested in him but God had some different plans.

After a week that guy asked me for geography notebook. I didn’t know that was a trick to start a conversation. Weeks passed into months and gradually we became friends. I’m over-fastidious while making friends.

His roll number was one less than me. In exams, I used to sit behind him and pass on my answer sheets to him. Once my teacher caught us cheating. And canceled his answer with a red pen. It was like someone scratched me. Till then we became so good friends that I told our invigilator that I have copied his answer but she didn’t believe it but just to prove I ain’t lying and I won’t let her do an unfair act to my friend I canceled my whole page. Though I regretted that after submitting my exam. I cried he made me laugh. That guy was the one who dragged me out of my introvert world. The one who taught me how to laugh without caring about the world. He was the one without whom I couldn’t imagine my school life but my life is no less than a serial. When you think everything is going easy, there will be a twist.

He proposed my sister but I had no problem as he was best friend and his happiness was my world. But I forgot girlfriend gets more attention than a best friend. Now, he no more did lunch with me. I used to stay alone in the break as he used to stand outside my elder sister’s class. During dispersal, I had to go alone to my school bus as he was busy rushing to her class to wave her bye.

I had no grudges with my sister but the increasing distance between me and him was bothering me. Months slipped into years and their puppy love ended. I was tensed whether he would stop talking to me or what will happen if he starts ignoring me because I’m his ex’s sister. I misunderstood him, rather our friendship became stronger.

That bond was and those moments were most beautiful gifts of my life. But no good thing lasts forever. And suddenly one day he started ignoring me. I thought everything will be okay soon but he changed drastically. I cried, I begged but he didn’t reply my only question, “why aren’t you talking to me?”

Once I wrote a chit during maths class and he threw it in dustbin without reading it. Even after begging for 2 years I got no answer.

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