I never thought I'll be the one to ask you to never turn back.

I’m not new in love it's been 5 years since we’re together and I thought it would be forever. But I forgot nothing lasts forever. Reminiscing the days we first met is painful, accepting that was all fake is tough for me. You don’t have a clue I know everything you kept covert for so long. My sleepless nights are playing havoc with my memories. Your back facing my front is conveying how far you’ve reached and how much I’m lagging behind. But now I don’t want to cop up, I’ve always been doing that maybe that's why now I’m just a installed furniture in our home.

I wonder how early you lost interest in me. Do you remember last time you begged for a chance?

What about when I caught you creeping with your best friend? And you cried like it was your last day on Earth. Just like always I gave you a chance, not because I’m a fool. Because I’m in love.

Each time you cheated, I forgave. Expecting you’ll change. Your words seem so hollow to me. Your love has lost all its credibility in my eyes. I’m curious to know, have you made same promises to her?

I should correct myself, you never broke your promises. I remember you said, “I’ll be by your side no matter what.” So you’re. Each night I expected you’ll turn back and ask me how my day went. But now, I’m done begging for your attention. This time I request you, Please don’t turn back, Sam.