Tuesday, June 18 2019

Me Too.

By: Postbull - Last Upadte June 13, 2018


I shaved for the first time and when I entered my class they started teasing me by calling me a “GAY” on that particular moment a thought struck my head “Who decides our sexuality?” and that day I discovered who am I. Just because everyone around you is heterosexual doesn’t mean you should be one of them. Using “Gay” to insult someone and feeling disgusting to be called a gay is what our society preaching us.

Concealing my identity I’m living in a world that doesn’t belong to me. There’s no room for people like us and that’s the reason we are here on the road to protest and to let people know we exist. These educated people are still confused between two terms “GENDER AND SEXUALITY”

My first encounter to myself was when I turned her down when she approached me. I couldn’t feel the way she did. One day I decided to confess to my family and when I did they forced me to get married as they thought I’m suffering from a mental disease or its something that can be cured. Straight people say they aren’t homophobic yet they are fearful to accept the fact, “Human sexuality is a rainbow of diversity.”

“I called my mom homophobic and she asked me, “ARE YOU A GAY?” Is it important to be a part of community to call out bigotry?” A voice from the crowd.

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