a resentful e-rickshaw ride

A Resentful E-rickshaw Ride

Stepping outta home has become a tough task for women as people on the streets thinks you are their ancestral property. We all have encountered the same issues so many times so did she. The road was full of vehicles, no place for a person to walk. Someone she managed to cross the road came to the other side where I saw sitting in an e-rickshaw. My route was similar to the direction she was moving in. The driver of e-rickshaw asked whether she wants to ride or not but she nodded to say no but that man kept his face back to stare her and passed few comments while the vehicle was moving ahead and passed an evil smile to her. She definitely felt awkward I could sense it from her reaction.

An e-rickshaw driver in whose rickshaw I was riding passed on the comments to a lady passing by made me uneasy. How can I rely on him that he’ll take me to the right place? I felt awful though I wasn’t afraid as that place was known to me. If he would’ve taken a wrong turn I would’ve smashed his face. The didn’t say anything to him about whatever he just did in front of me. Soon, I reached my destination and I burst out in anger. “Was she your father’s property? Or every girl moving on the road is your father’s property? Do it even know how unsafe your passenger might be feeling watching to do such nasty deeds?”

“Ma’am Maine Kuch bola thode tha.” he replied

“Dekh toh raha tha na wo bhi aise jaise khayega.”

I gave him money and went away. I knew arguing with him won’t make him realize how uncomfortable girls feel walking on streets due to such people. These people are the reason why we’re restricted to go out after 8 PM.

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