Should I Call Him Savior?

Scene 1: A few days back I met with an accident. I went to the doctor and he advised me a week's bed rest. So, after 2 days I started feeling bedridden and asked my sister to take me out somewhere.

Around 20:00 we went to Laxmi Nagar to eat ‘traffic jam’, Lmao, it’s a name of an ice (Am I drooling right now? Lol, yes I am) then we went to a restaurant for dinner and left for home soon.

At 23:30 my sister was trying to take me downstairs from the metro station exit. and guess what? A guy asked me “Do you need help?” and instantly I gave my hand in his hand and just like a Bollywood movie, he picked me up. My face was so close to his face that I could sense his otherworldly fragrance. OMG!

This was unforgettable. I was wearing a crop top his hands on my belly lol (You can call me a pervert for mentioning this but this was the first time I felt it that way). He helped me sit on a wide boundary saying, “This will be more comfortable for you.” He went away, though the story doesn't end here.


Scene 2: I and my sister were trying to book OLA but couldn’t find any. So after half an hour, we were able to book a cab. Now I had to go on the road and for that either I had to jump the boundary, which I couldn’t or I had to walk a long way. I walked a bit and reached the boundary wondering, How to jump?. And suddenly the same guy appeared standing beside me “Do you have to go the other side?” And I quickly replied affirmatively.

In heroic style, he jumped to the other side and picked me up by my waist and helped me stand on the road. My hands were still around his neck when my sister came. I thanked him and he went away to a stall in front of me. From there, he saw me a few times and approached me. Soon my cab arrived and I came back home.

I regret not asking for neither his Instagram account nor number. But to be honest that was really sweet of him to appear after 30 mins to help me cross that boundary. I wish I see him soon somewhere.