“I will come back tomorrow, I promise” she said.

“My exams are going on Mom. You can’t leave this way.”

“But you know it’s important. She needs me.”

And she left in jiffy.

She kissed our cheeks and waved us a goodbye. I buried myself in bed again after she left. We three, lethargic creatures of this world ate noodles whole day. We loathe to cook. Though I had my exams but I wasted whole day watching television, chatting to online friends. We are so much indulged in social sites that we have no space left for real people and for person to person conversations. Trying to make contact with people around the world we lose emotional touch with people around us. These days socials sites are like - “Are you breathing?, I’m stalking you.”

I watched my phone blinking and it was mom. I could barely hear it ringing.

“Hello, Mona.”

I wondered how does she knows its me? “She’s your mom” inner me replied.

“Yeah mom.”

“Hello hello, can you hear me?”

“Yes Maa I can.”


And she hanged up.

I realised my phone needs its doctor.

At 20:00 I called her from our neighbour’s phone and the woman on the other side was repeating same sentence “The number you’re trying to call is either switched off or not reachable.”

At 23:35 we received a call from our uncle. He told us his driver is waiting for us on the society’s gate and he wants us to move to that state for which my mom left in the morning.

I called my mom again but got same reply from the other side which caused me high irk. And I was left with so many questions deep down in my heart. Is she okay?