After an exhausting day, I was moving back home. Metro has really shortened the distance. Usually, I don’t get a seat but today I was lucky. My internet wasn’t working so neither I could use WhatsApp nor listen to songs. I was looking at people and making a story. Like, aunty in front of me was staring a girl in shorts. Guess what might be thinking? ‘Ram! Ram! Ram! Kaise din aa gaye hain. Ye ladkiya ye bhi kyu pehnti hai.’ (I wish she bumps into her daughter in some metro station washroom)

I saw a family sitting next to me two teen girls and a boy with their parents and near them, a couple was romancing. I can feel that awkward moment, it's similar to when you are sitting with your family and watching a movie and in between, there’s a kissing scene. What I do is pick up my phone ‘Haan haan maine padh liya’ and rush out of the room. Those girls might be feeling the same. ‘Arey! Inko yahin khade hona tha ab mummy papa mujh par b saq karna shuru na kar de or kahin mera class k ladko k sath bhar ghumna band kar diyo toh?’ , Lol! Even I heard her saying, “mummy aise mat dekho unhe.” I burst into laughter and those girls passed a weird look and I smiled showing ‘I’ve been there.’

My eyes landed on a swashbuckler. He blessed my day. Don’t be so shocked even girls checkout boys, so did I.

Few seats away I noticed a girl. I could feel something has gone wrong with her. And within 2 minutes the tears she was trying to hold flooded her cheeks. I couldn’t bear that but consoling her without knowing will make the situation more gruesome. After some stations, I decided to approach her. I was nervous at first but then I asked girl sitting beside her to shift another side. I opened my inbox and typed, ‘It’s just a bad day, not a bad life. This day will pass too. Stay strong.’ and I showed that text to her. She wiped her tears and smiled. I had no guts to speak but when I saw her tears messing up her makeup I couldn’t resist. I consoled, ‘Don’t cry.’ I couldn’t say much but after hearing this she hugged me tightly. It was strange for people around me but I felt appreciated for the efforts. I felt worth that day at least I did one good deed in my life. She wiped her tears and thanked me.

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