Monica Gaur, that’s the name I used to conceal my identity behind the screen. Everyone around us is busy posting, commenting, chatting or scrolling. But I was there for a purpose, to promote my company’s website.

I used my picture as my profile picture and within few hours I received hundreds of friend requests and my friend list crossed 3700+ within one day and 1000+ messages, so many tagging. This created a insecurity in my mind as I ain't-a social person so, I immediately removed my picture and used a picture of a girl I found on Pinterest and within an hour that picture flowed with 50+ comments and 200+ reactions. This was enough to prove to me that how much people are indulging in creating visual relationships and ignoring the one living with or next to them.

Few comments were, “I love you”

“You’re sexy.”

“Bbeeaauuttiiffuull (sic)”

Most awful was being tagged in pictures like ‘Contact for sex chat for fun’ that shook my supreme confidence from the human race. That made me feel like an adult movie star. I didn’t check any message intentionally but few messages popped up on my screen and what I saw was horrific. I immediately blocked those people and logged out. I felt as if those men don’t have any respect for themselves and are so much deprived of sex that they need to find it here.

I know we are taught to ignore that's what I did rather than speaking up I kept it inside, regretting and crying.

Yes, that site made me feel sexually assaulted and I’m one of those victims who is asked for nudes or suffer from receiving those dickhead pictures. It felt as if someone tried to rape me maybe because it was my first exposure to these ordeals but now I can feel how girls around the world feel. I feel sorry for all those macho men testing their masculinity on the Internet.