Not always things will turn out the way you want them to. You might’ve planned to get a job at 25 and get married at 30 but do you know things may not go as smoothly as you planned. Before sleeping we all plan whatever we have to do the next day but nothing unfolds the way we planned. This leaves us dejected and we realize ‘Nothing is under control.’ We all are rushing behind others timeline. We have set an age limit for everything.

I never planned of doing a job at 18 but the disastrous change in my life has made me sit here and do a 9 hours job. Think before you blame situations and yourself. Can we do anything about the situation? And the answer is pretty much simple no we can’t. The thing that’s in our hand is being optimistic and give your cent percent.

Everything may flow out of hand but there’s one thing that will be under control i.e ‘Happiness.’ Happiness isn’t about the wealth and all materialistic pleasure. It is within us. Everything you want will come to you not instantly but eventually. One needs to enjoy the path and grow.

Nothing will ever be uncontrolled. Learn to tackle and change yourself according to situations. Everybody wants happiness but nobody wants to feel the pain. ‘Happiness and Pain both are sides of the same wheel called life.’ don’t let this slip from your mind. Whenever you feel low remember this will pass too.