“Thank you, sir, I’ll join from tomorrow.” saying these words I parted from my interview place. Moving way back home was difficult for me as I was new in the city. Sharing cabs are the best and affordable option for a person like me.

Chirping about how my interview went on the phone, I glanced and passed a smile at my seat partner.

“Interview?” she asked.

I hanged up and enthusiastically replied “yes”.

“How was it?” she inquired.

I felt happy as I’m chatterbox and meeting and talking to new people are my favorite hobbies. Knowing a new human is like reading a new book.

“Amazing,” I answered.

“For which designation?”

“Content Writer.” “Do you like reading?” I added.

“Yes, I love reading.”

Inner me felt more cheerful as making people read my blog is my another favorite work. I opened my blog on my cell and hand over my phone to her. I watched her reading each and every line and after each post she praised me. This wasn’t the first time someone has praised me but her “Kudos” gave me more strength as I left writing a few months back. The irony was I stopped writing a few months back yet I went for a writing job interview. I opened my Instagram, “I wrote one poem in Hindi last year, Would you like to hear?” and her “Of course yes” made me smile. I recited 5th line and she interrupted, “Did you break up with someone?”

I laughed like crazy “No, these aren’t my feelings. I have just tried someone else’s shoes.” and I went back to my poetry.

I ended it and what she commented which made my childhood memories green in my mind. “Why don’t you try for Radio Jockey?”  she added, “You sound melodious.”

I laughed it off. But my childhood dream banged my mind and burning up a hope inside.