that lady was an angel

That Lady Was An Angel

When I lost my mom, I went into depression. It took me around 1 year and half a year to recover. I couldn’t accept the reality she left me. I was suffering from insomnia. Neither I could sleep nor stay awake. The world around me seemed to eat me alive. I ceased to contact everyone. My family members had no idea what was I going through. They titled me as lazy but they never tried to discover the dark hole I was living in. I decided to consult the doctor and I went to my mom’s friend, Preeti. She wasn’t aware of all the tragedy. I told her everything but I didn’t cry and she kept gazing at me. My reaction was as if I’ve no heart.

After a few days, my school reopened and I started going to school. On my floor there was a maid, she used to smile every time I passed. After a few days we exchanged few words she told me about her family, I told her about mine. We had something in common. She was deprived of children’s love and I wanted someone to hear me. During my break time, I used to visit her and spend my 40 minutes with her. I used to wait for those few mins my all day. I stopped skipping school. This bond created was magical.

I remember once she brought lunch for me as she knew I love ‘Bajre ki roti.’ she fed me by her own hands. But when you think positivity is illuminating your dark life, suddenly something happens that destroys everything you kept creating from past months.

My school closed for summer vacations and when I returned back I couldn’t find her anywhere in the school. I felt as if I lost her for the second time. But few people come in life to make you realize it's still not the end. There’s a lot to happen. That lady was an angel who appeared to drag me out of my mental trauma and vanished away soon after her job was done. I won’t ever forget the selfless acts she did for me. That lady was an angel in human’s attire.

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