Have you ever been in an ugly middle position when you thought nothing can work out for you? When you condemned the saying, “Everything will be alright.” The music that once used to excite you is no more your mood changer. When you realised the fact that life isn’t just mundane but is a mixture of all horrendous tragedies possible. Sometimes we feel, “WHY ME?” It's not first time I’ve seen these sleepy and lethargic face at 5:15 am but definitely the first time analyzing how difficult it is to leave home so early to reach office on time and to earn money.

That e-rickshaw which left me here on metro station ain’t something fascinating to hammer up the keyboard about. Undoubtedly, this day is unusual road which I never thought I’ll walk on. These paths won’t ever take me back to what I left behind. That house and that family won’t see my face ever again. I’ve no idea how am i feeling. Dejection, miserable with the spark of freedom for which I lost my everything except myself. Is this what I wanted? Am I going weep over my decision after I terminate to be a teen? Will I survive alone? Or circumstances will leave me with an option of giving up? Isn’t that too much I paid for something I owned from childhood? The announcement of reaching each station ahead is crumbling my soul. That house still has something what belongs to me, my memories.