Scrolling down on my Quora profile, my eyes laid upon a question “What’s the worst Mistake you’ve done in your Life?” I kept reminiscing about whatever I’ve done in my life till now and the most of it was ruled by mistakes or better to mark them as experiences or lessons. A human does so many mistakes in his life but life is all about standing up each time you fall.

2 years back I was in need of a job and I got one but soon they betrayed me as people in the market wants to earn the profit without investing much. I was new in all this. I couldn’t recognize they were actually exploiting me. They didn't pay me for my work and eventually, I left the job. I didn’t take any action as I wasn’t aware of this cruel world or Should I call myself a dumb?

After a few days, my friend visited my home and she knew everything that has happened to me. At that point of time, money was something I was craving for. She told me about a network marketing company to make money. She assured me but I didn’t know that it's her job to add on people. She took me to the seminar and no doubt I was highly influenced. I went so blind that I got ready to borrow 8 thousand and 5 hundred rupees from people to in that invest.

I borrowed money from my friends and finally submitted it to them. They assured me that they’ll help me achieve whatever I wanted in just a few months I’ll have my own bike and all. I was fooled by those evils in the suit.

One day when I wanted their help none of them picked up my phone. The people who assure for their constant support vanished away within a week. I lost all my money. But this mistake taught me so much. People who smile in front of you are waiting to stab you. Don’t be so gullible. Don’t chase money, chase dreams.