These droplets falling straight on my head has witnessed so many moments of my life. From concealing my tears to triggering smile on my face they’ve always been my constant companion. They always drag me out of my own thoughts and help me live in the moment.

I remember the day when I went to teach tuitions and when I was leaving back from there it started raining. I borrowed an umbrella from my student, Saaranya and I when I moved few steps ahead one more disaster surrounded me, storm. The little cartoon umbrella flew away. I ran after it and after so much struggle I got to hold on it. Next day, I had to return her umbrella which was already broken. I hesitated and finally apologized and promised her to buy a new one for her.

Another rain incident was I was going back home with my friend. We went to a juice shop and ordered ‘Mango Shake’. Those droplets again made their appearance. The icy ‘Mango shake’ and the cold rain combined to make me feel more chilled. We had different routes from there and my spectacles were already wet, I removed and kept it inside my bag. Now, everything was blur in front of me. I took an auto and reached my society and now I had to walk for 15 more minutes. It was all dark, no street lights, no human around and surrounded by dogs. I walked few steps and could hear those dogs barking being a “Cynophobia” it's difficult to witness it. The lighting in the sky made its appearance too. The situation couldn’t get worse. Blur vision, dark night, thunder and dogs barking at the top of their throat. I took longer steps and reached the door of my home. Two dogs were waiting to welcome me there and I started crying my eyes out. Owner uncle came out and dropped me at my flat. Rain has always been tragic in my life.