Yes, I'm a Chorophobic and dancing at parties is not my cup of tea. But what if a swashbuckler asks you for it?

Wearing a black dress, I entered the party. It was my elder sister’s best friend’s birthday, Amy. Sitting at the corner I was glancing at every guest entering the venue. I was feeling uncomfortable as no one was there of my age and my sister left me alone in the hall, she always does this.

“Hey” a guy from the crowd.

“Hello” my voice revealed my nervousness.

“Will you join me on the stage?”

“No, I’m sorry. I don’t dance.” I replied.

At the back of my head I started musing about, ‘Why did I deny? He’s a young hunk. Do you think out of nowhere that guy approached you because you look like some princess? Or do you like standing all alone, everyone staring at you for not involving? Ugh! Stop messing up.’

After scolding myself so much. I went to my sister and asked her what time we’ll leave for home?

Usual my sister forgot me at the party. I went to the corner again, my favorite place in the hall. I saw that guy peeping at me. This was so much to land me into my uncomfortable zone which I forgot a few moments back.

I saw him heading towards me. But well this time I was prepared. “Something wrong?” he asked and I overheard and immediately replied, “Actually I don’t dance. I am really worst at that.”


“Umm... Dance. You asked for the dance, right?”

And he laughed sensing my nervousness. “No, I asked why are you standing alone? Something happened?”

“Oh! I’m sorry” I uttered sheepishly.

My soul cursed me a lot for making hoax out of myself.

“Come on Let’s dance.” He insisted.

Then I narrated my childhood story which made me Chorophobic, shaming me over my moves. And eventually, those few moments made me feel relaxed with a stranger. We shared few awful incidents and then he took me to stage.

I watched him dancing and I was awestruck. To me, he seemed a paragon of dance. Everyone was clapping and hooting. After the performance, he sat with me and remarked, “Dance isn’t about perfect moves or breaking your legs or hands the way stars or people on screen do. It's about enjoying yourself, it's about expressing your emotion. I won’t say Go and dance on the stage rather I’ll suggest to you, dance when you enjoy solitude. Dance when you’re alone. Dance not to perform but to feel.”

And that night I noticed the beauty of something that scared me since childhood.