entering into adulthood

Entering Into Adulthood

The excitement of being an adult was always in the back of my mind since childhood.

I always burst into excitement thinking about living life on my own terms.  I had always dreamt of making my own life decisions, less parental involvement in my life and more freedom.  Being able to walk into a grocery store at literally any time of the day, finding our own apartment and decorating it in our way, being able to stay up till all hours of night on the phone, buying clothes of our choice, going on trips with friends and last but not the least being able to consume alcohol were some of the things that made me step on the cloud nine always.

 But hold your horses because life is full of surprises.

The tough thing about adulthood is it starts before you even know, it just starts and this is what actually happens!

Adulthood is not defined by a number; a person does not wake up on their birthday and miraculously turns into an adult. Adulthood is obtained through experience in which someone gains responsibility, independence, and learns respectfulness. Adulthood hit me like a truck when the responsibility of supporting my family fell on me. The responsibility of the job and paying our bills wasn’t as glamorous or entertaining as the sitcoms made it look. The freedom to live a life of my own always put me in thoughts that whether the decision taken by me is correct or not. Adulthood surely gives a reality check that we have to walk on the rocks instead of walking in the clouds. It greets us with real monsters and then you start running away from it. It is then that horrifying moment where you’re looking for an adult but then you realize you are an adult. So you look for an older adult, someone successfully adulting. Nevertheless, the lessons learned during these years lead to decisions with lifelong ramifications.

Like every other, adulthood is also a phase of life, you cannot skip. You might end up deciding that maybe adulthood just isn’t for you but knowing that, no matter what, you gave it your best shot.

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