at least you don't judge me

At Least You Don't Judge Me

Dear Diary,

At least you don't judge me. I know how selfish I’m to turn to you when I feel dejected and completely forget you on the rainy days of my life. You’ve always been my constant companion. People around me are doing their best at bullying me. I feel ashamed of my existence. These days humans around you are eagerly waiting for you to make a wrong move and they’ll devour you inside out. For each and every act I’m judged as if I’m a movie and they are audience giving their reviews. One mistake and they are free to spread rumors about you.

I’m living in a society where a girl with a boy is titled couple (without knowing it might be her brother). A girl hanging out with male friends is a whore. A girl in short dress is asking for it and a girl covered is old-fashioned.

These aren’t the only case I’m depressed for. My parents have started restricting me. Living in this hypocrisy they are no different. I’ve started hiding everything from them. We are growing apart with each passing day. I’m not allowed to hang out with my friends. Neither I’ve permission to use social networking nor mobile phones. Mom and dad have no time to talk with me. They’re so busy in their own fights and jobs. Earlier I used to feel happy that I’m an only child as I had to share nothing but now I feel miserable. I wish had a sister or a brother talk. You are my only friend, sibling, and companion. I’m happy at least you don’t judge me on my every small act. Writing to you vanish away my pain.

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