She wasn’t an inspirational speaker or my family to make me feel the power within me. I met her first and last time when she came to my school for a seminar preaching to us about her NGO and persuading us to help those kids.

I was sitting in the second row and when she mentioned my name informing the crowd that a girl name, Aakriti helped us and asked your principal to invite us. Few students in my class turned to me as I was a newbie in our school so, not much people knew me. The one standing on the stage and praising my writing skill didn’t know me by face as we had only email contact.

The time passed we exchanged numbers, we talked on the call regarding my ups and downs she taught me few very precious life lessons but eventually, it became my habit to rush to her for every small issue or I should say I had none to share.

And she felt need to teach me a more platinum lesson. ‘Don’t depend too much on anyone.’ I remember her impolite words on my WhatsApp. When I read them, pitying over myself was the only thing I was left with. I felt alone and broken. Full of hate for her I ceased to contact her and soon I realized her words made me self-dependent and a kid turned into an adult. I learned a lesson which I should’ve learned a long way back. Now, I don’t want anyone to tell me how to handle situations. I’m thankful to her for making me stronger than ever. Whenever I feel lost I give that chat a read reminding myself how far I’ve come.