That day I spent 4 hours on parlor, 3 hours in a queue waiting for my chance and it took around one hour for my haircut and waxing. After all that I went home preparing my dress, A Parrot Green color saree with blouse was my outfit for my school farewell. Though I shifted to this school 2 years back but I was highly attached.  I loved to participate in the competition. On my Farewell day, I participated in “TALENT HUNT” and now the day before my farewell I was freaking out. I’m the worst dancer on this planet so dance that was no option for me. Singing? Ugh... I’m shy as I’m good at bathroom singing but I don’t know how’ll I sound outside my Bathroom... Acting? This isn't my cup of tea. I decided to write a poem and recite it in front of the school. It took me around 2 hours to think about what should I write and finally I penned down a small poetry. A poetry which defined my affection for my principal, She has been a constant support during all my breaking moments; My English teacher who encouraged me to write as she loved all my write-ups and My Class teacher who treated me like her own daughter and other teachers who loved me a lot. I was the favorite student of most of the teachers who taught me till that day.

Finally, it was the farewell day. It was my turn to recite my poetry and I felt unconfident. I went to stage when I introduced myself, my principal was called to her office and she left from there. I felt dejected but I continued. Soon, the results of next round were out and they didn’t select me as poetry isn’t entertaining for them. Most of them danced, sang, acted or showed their gyming skills on the stage and were promoted to next round. I felt extremely downhearted as I wanted some title to make my day memorable. Soon my principal came back and ate food with me and that made my day memorable I realized getting a title can never equalize to all the love and support I received in these two years. I miss those days and those people who made my school days a paradise.