do you miss fighting tooth and nail with your brother?

Do You Miss Fighting Tooth And Nail With Your Brother?

He called me after a long time. It's not that we don’t get time to talk or we don’t have that bond to make conversation daily. It’s situations that have drifted us apart. We love each other so much. Every time he calls we sob up. This time he learned a song for me.

A very inspirational song. He started singing and my tears started rolling down my dry cheeks.

He’s just 15, my little brother but still behaves as if I was born after him. Every time we make a conversation he scolds me for not taking care of myself.

Life is about making crucial decisions but the best thing is he always supports. No matter my family supports me or not he always stands by me.

“How are you?” I asked

“Do scooter works with one wheel?” he replied

His one call made me shed tears thrice.

Earlier when we used to live together just like another sibling we used to fight a lot, my hair in his hand, his ears in my hands. After fighting tooth and nail, everything used to get sorted at night.

When I used to come late at night he always made me drink a glass of milk as a punishment. He knew just like other kids I hate milk too. Brothers are protective so he is.

We used to discuss whatever we did the whole day at night before sleeping. We never concealed anything from each other, that’s why we’re unbreakable now. I wonder, with whom he talks at night now? With whom he shares what he did all day? I’m the only best friend of him.

I ain’t there physically but my heart and mind reside in the same house. His optimism is my key to keep moving.

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