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Parenthood :Guiding the Next Generation and Forgiving the Last

By: Postbull - Last Upadte July 19, 2018


“We all delay things on tomorrow but have you ever thought ‘What if you never got a chance tomorrow?’ Alike other kids I also used to postpone my study schedule. During my school days, I used to go to school and come back throw my bag on the bed and start using that’s what these days kids do. Right?

I used to change my dress when my mom used to stand over my head and shout at the top of her throat. But when I recall those days it's fun.

Wasting my time here and there and not realizing exams will approach soon. My both the parents have been working so they never got time for me. I’ve been concealing so much inside me. That mother-daughter or father-daughter bond is what I never felt. To me, their presence was a restriction and a headache. Being a single child I never had a feel of siblings love too. I’m rude, arrogant and a spoiled child but today I regret it.

Last month when I had my exam I was freaking out as I never prepared beforehand. Caffeine kept me alive but my mind was dead at 23:00 itself. I pushed myself hard to study but nothing changed. I was unable to sleep and study. My habit of procrastination has thrown me into a deep pit. My parents always had high expectation from me but each time I’ve disappointed and so did I this time. Walking to the examination without knowing what’s the syllabus is cool till school but when it's about competitive exams nothing works. I’ve not been able to clear my competitive exam and this time I’ve no guts to confess it to them. It is already my 3rd Drop.

Sobbing up in the corner of my room. I’ve no option left for my future. Neither I can face Mom and Dad nor I can see my own image in the mirror.”

This what her Diary said. I keep reading this note to remind me that how much I lack in parenting. No matter how busy you’re, one should never ignore their child. That’s what we are earning for. Now, I make cent percent efforts to make my daughter feel that attachment and love. The void we had has started filling and things are falling at the right place. Now, She understands the value of time and parents. This quote has summed up all my feelings, “We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”

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