We all walk down to school, office, and college every day. Travelling has become an important part of our life. But have you ever thought how miserable your loved ones will feel if you never returned home? We completely ignore. We rush on time and in hurry neither we care about us nor others walking on the road.

Today, I saw a girl crossing the road. Before crossing, she examined the road and walked forward. A car with a high speed hit her. Maybe it was her destiny that only lower part of leg experienced the jerk and the driver stopped the car on time. Else she would have died. She fell and stood up. The driver of the car was a woman. She rolled her eyes up which were full of vanity. When the girl looked at her she showed her hand to show “Don’t mind.” which was ridiculous.

My primary concerns to write this are first, be before time if you feel the world will turn upside down if you got late. Reaching late at destination may not have a severe effect but the one you carelessly hit can surely leave his family in a huge trauma. Have respect for life. It's not a video game that you can play again.

Second, be kind. Kindness is the only rent we can pay to earth for occupying a space. That lady in the car made me question humanity. Neither she came out of the car nor uttered sorry. There are many cases around us in which people hit and run. Can we keep aside our haughtiness and at least ask the person if he/she is alright or not? I agree, the Population of the world is increasing but you’re no one to reduce that and each person has their family, their friends and their beloved just like you. Evilness and kindness both live under the same sky choose your team.