Having an animal as a pet is pretty common these days since animals are considered to give humans comfort and company. People pet a no of animals these days, namely dog, cat, rat,fish, pig and the list goes on.

Even science says that having a pet can reduce anxiety level and in some cases, it helps in overcoming fear and bring confidence. But what would you say to someone who has a python as the pet?? You must be thinking it is crazy to do so? but it is true.



A woman found the perfect pet in a 7foot long python. She was so attached to it that she used to do all her activities in the company of the Python i.e eating, playing, and even sleeping.

People had warned her about the consequences of petting a python but she did not listen to anyone thinking that people would never understand her bond with the animal.

Everything was going on well until one fine day the Python stopped eating and became quite dull, concerned for its health the lady took her python to a doctor.



The doctor revealed something which shook the lady top to bottom…….

The doctor said “she has been developing herself to eat you from the beginning, since it has reached the size big enough to devour you, it has stopped eating and in a week or so she was going to kill you” The lady was in complete shock and despair and could hardly believe what she heard.



So whatever animal you pet make sure it is safe for you as well as the people around you.

Humans may find attracted to any animal as people have been reported pet even eagles, but it is advised to keep everyone safety in mind always.