kerala flood rescuers : god in a new identity


This year a widespread rain has been seen for a long time which wasn’t evident in recent years. The heavy rainfall caused the flood in Kerala. The last rival to a flood of this severity was seen in the year 1924. Kerala recorded more than 37% excess rainfall in just two and a half months.

Kerala flood

Kerala flood

Military teams and fishermen and disaster response forces have rescued many people. Rescue officials said that their efforts on Sunday had been concentrated on a town named ‘CHENGANNUR’ where about 5000 people were assumed to be trapped and in Alappuzha and Ernakulam districts. So far more than 7 lakh people have been rescued in the worst flood that the state has seen in the century.

Kerala flood

Kerala flood

Each day a new story comes of a daring rescue made by defense forces. A house in Kochi has painted thank you on their rooftop to thank naval commander VIJAY VERMA who had rescued two women from that area on 17th August. Apart from PM relief fund and Vijayan personally donating 1 lakh to the CMRDF various ministers and many celebrities have contributed to Kerala relief fund.

Kerala flood

Kerala flood

After taking stock of the situation PM Narendra Modi declared a grant of rupees 500 crores aside from the 100 crores given by our home minister Rajnath Singh. Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal declared a donation of 10 crores and apart from it one month salary of all  MPs and MLAs will be given to the state.

Kerala flood

Bihar CM NITISH KUMAR has also declared an aid of 10 crores and similarly Odisha CM NAVEEN PATNAIK announced an additional aid of 5 crores to the earlier sanctioned 5 crores.

Kerala flood

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