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Unusual Things that People do When they Wake up

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We all love to sleep. Most of the people can’t compromise their sleep until or unless it is a really important work. We all have some strange experiences related to sleep. Sometimes we don’t remember what we did. Here are a few unusual things that many people do in sleeping state.

People start feeling crappy when it's time to wake up. I remember telling my mom each day that I have a fever or stomach so that I could skip school.

The first thing that people do when they wake up is checking their phone. You can't disagree with this. Have to ever felt the pain of dropping the phone on your face while texting? It really sucks.

That weird little dizziness. Sometimes when you want you to wake up but you can’t, Sleeping paralysis. It is the most common thing my chance which means even my brain is an asleep lover like me.

That moment when after fighting the inner will finally you wake up but you can’t move out of the bed and all you do it stare the floor.

Exam days really mess up with every student’s sleep. The night before an exam is so precious to us as if we can finish the whole year’s syllabus in one night. But those are the nights I feel sleepy the most.

Have you ever mistaken your fridge as a toilet in the sleepy state? This is funny but yes many people have done this too.

The weirdest moment when you are sleepy and your throat is thirsty. On such moments I act ill in front of my sibling so that they can get me a glass of water.

That Zombie walk when you wake up and you’ve to get ready for school or office.

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