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10 Best ways to Pack your Suitcase

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No one wants to carry multiple bags while traveling. But the amount of stuff we want to take with us on a trip never fit into a bag. From clothes to shoes there are plenty of things to pack. Here are 10 best ways to Pack your Suitcase so that everything gets squeezed into a suitcase.

The corners

After you’re done packing and still you find few things which need to keep. Open your suitcase and put that in the corner. Search the spots between belongings in the corner.


Choose a right order to keep things. Put heavy things first like jeans and then opt for tops or shirts. Starting from heavy things and keeping delicate things at the top will have two benefits. Firstly, it’ll be easy to close the suitcase and secondly, no wrinkles will be formed on heavy clothes.

Stick with one color theme

Pick one color family for all the clothes you pack. Keep them in a theme so that you can mitch and match without getting confused. You’ll have to pack fewer clothes as you don’t have to worry about matching the color of top and bottom.

Storing Shoes

Store shoes on their side and to save space you can fill your shoes with socks, ties or underwear. Make sure you don’t waste an inch and make best out of it.

Don’t carry whole make up box

Don’t carry whole makeup kit with you while going on a trip. It’ll make your bag heavy and acquire a lot of space too. Pour a bit of face powder and foundation in a clean case. You can carry eyeshadow by covering cotton swabs with them and store them in a plastic bag.

Wear Layers

Items like sweatshirt and sneakers take a lot of space so better you wear an extra layer of which you can remove anytime if you feel hot and wear again in the chilly surrounding.

Ignore Jackets

Jackets are the heaviest cloth in a luggage. But in summers you can carry a scarf and shawls if you cold at night. These can rolled and kept in any corner.

Choose Right Luggage

Opt to luggage with the soft side which can easily be expanded if needed. As they can resize their shape to maximize them.

Roll up your Clothes

Rolled clothes take less space than folded. Be careful while rolling clothes go smoothly to avoid creases.

Don’t Roll up belts

Leave belts flat and lay and them along the edge of the suitcase so that they don’t take much space.

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