When we go out for dining with our colleagues one must follow few tips to leave a never lasting impression. Here are 10 Etiquettes to Follow when you’re Dining.

Dressing Up

Be careful about what you wear if the restaurant isn’t casual then avoid jeans and sports shoes and wear something nice. If you find difficulties in choosing an attire then ask the restaurant in advance.

Wait to be Seated

Even if the restaurant offers you to sit before your group arrives still wait. Waiting for others to get seated is a sign of politeness.

Avoid Phone

Don’t keep your phone, keys, and belongings on the table. Don’t take out your phone to receive a call or to reply a text or email. It may send a wrong sign that the person you’re texting is more important than them. And if it urgent either wait until the dinner is over or excuse yourself before taking out the cell.

Wait for others to be served Before Eating

Wait for others to get served and then start eating. If you feel something isn’t cooked properly or food ask your team to continue without you.

Don’t call out Waiter

Don’t call out waiter. If you want something then simply make contact and give signals and you find out he isn’t getting them then simply raise your hand.

Treat the restaurant staff with Respect

Don’t treat the waiter like a servant. Be polite. Don’t be afraid to ask questions but if the taste of the food isn’t according to you then keep in mind that’s not their fault.

Order the same number of courses

Everyone should order the same number of courses ask the team if they want to order appetizers or desserts so that you will and finish a meal at the same time.

Hold Wine glass with the stem

If you don’t want to drink wine then simply turn the glass upside down and put your hand over it to give a signal that you don’t want to have it. And if you take wine then hold the stem of the glass.

Leave within 15 minutes of finishing your meal

If you don’t want the fun to end then grab a drink somewhere else. Occupying the table till late will restrict the restaurant to welcome other customers.


If you’re the host of the party and wants to pay the bill then tell the waiter in advance that the bill should come to you and if you’ve to split then have a rough idea how much everyone has to pay. Divide evenly. The waiter may no be paid hourly so their wages depend on the tip you pay. So pay Tip 15 to 20 percent for satisfactory service and 25 percent for exemplary service.