top 5 new features in mobile gadgets today

Top 5 New Features In Mobile Gadgets Today

A small box on which the entire world has depended upon has crossed all the ways and has reached a much higher standard in just a decade. Technology today has reached heights, and because of which everything in the world can be done on the small screen. Here are Top 5 New Features in Mobile Gadgets today.

Top 5 New Features in Mobile Gadgets today

  • Latest features introduced in mobiles phones today have replaced the traditional camera as each and everything can be done so easily and saved at a single place. Ultra-zooming features introduced in Apple 7plus has completely taken over the old traditional cameras.




  • Sony Experia phones introduced the feature of slow-motion videos, commonly said to be slo-mo has made the work turn out to be easier as the thing recorded can easily be understood and observed very keenly.


Sony experia


  • A tiny box with a bunt memory has made the data storage easy and affordable, Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus with storage space until 246 GB has made them equivalent to the laptop and a person doesn't require to save things in any other storage device.


Apple iPhone 7


  • Traditional mobiles were more seen on charging points than being used but the introduction of Dash- Charging option in One plus mobiles have shaken the old norms, and effective charging of mobile just in an hour have made the phones loved by its consumers. 



  • A drop of water and your cost in vain, the introduction of invisible water resistant have not just protected one's phone but also has protected the size style and cost of mobile phones Vivo phones recently introduced this feature in its latest product.


Water resistant Phone

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