SEO stands for ‘SEARCH ENGINE OPERATION’. It is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial search results on search engines. The true meaning of an SEO is to post a content that both the search engine and the users can understand. If both of these conditions are not meet then you have fewer chances of getting a high ranking and the readers will ignore your post.

Given below are the top five steps to write an SEO friendly blog post :

  • Think before you start writing, that is don’t just start writing as soon as you think of doing so. Just take a proper time to think and analyze what you have to write you can also read other posts and SEO before you start to write.

  • Always first create the structure of the blog post that is dividing the post into different parts like introduction and body which will make it look even better and convenient for the readers.

  • Always craft and title the URL.

  • Use proper headings as they are the first thing which a reader sees. If your heading is catchy and attractive then it will surely attract the mind of the reader and he will surely read your post and on the other hand, if your heading is not that glamorous then it doesn’t matters how good your content is. The reader is not going to show any interest in reading your post and he will surely skip it.

  • Add links when it makes sense. Internal linking is a very effective and easy to follow SEO technique.