Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and our lifestyle. The tech giants like Apple, Google, Samsung are already building a whole digital ecosystem controlled by your smartphone. We have come a long way from the time when phones were a mere tool for making calls and text messages. Now, your smartphone can probably eliminate the use of 20-30 products, like camera, typewriter, computer, alarm, etc. to name a few. The technology has evolved to a great extent and we are looking forward towards a new generation of smartphones with Artificial Intelligence.

The only thing which has not made a significant progress is the batteries of your phone. The technology of batteries in your smartphone has remained almost unchanged. The screen has evolved to OLED panels, speakers have come with Dolby and stereo functions, cameras have evolved to have adjustable focal length. The smartphone battery has been a cause of concern for many, we all remember Note series!. So what is the alternate solution? Well, to make lemonades when you got lemons! The point is the battery in our smartphones does not last more than a day. If the capacity is more obvious it will last longer but the point remains the same, higher capacity the battery is more time it will take to charge. I will discuss a few techniques to get your smartphone battery to last longer.
How to make your smartphone battery last longer?

Since a significant change of technology arrives, we have to do away with DIYs and techniques for a longer battery life from our phones. The quick charge technology have for sure changed the scenarios a bit but the fact remains the same that we can’t make use of our smartphones for a whole day without a second charge.Here are some of those techniques to keep in mind for a better and longer battery life out of your phone.

  1. Avoid Overcharging : The smartphone batteries are Lithium-ion ones which have the capacity to retain 80% of charge after 300-500 charge cycles. But, these are perfect values derived under perfect charging condition. So in order to get better of your smartphone make sure you do not overcharge your phone for too long. Overcharging damages the overall charge capacity of your phone.
  2.  Use genuine Apps : With the Android and iOS, we have access to millions of applications via their respective app store. Among these many are bloatware or spam invaded applications which only drains your phone’s battery life. So, make sure to download only those apps which you need. Do not unnecessarily clutter your phone with thousands of application as each of them requires certain processing power and battery.
  3.  Use a Black Wallpaper : This might not look like a great idea and its impact is comparatively low too, but in the long run it will play an important role. Make sure to use dark color wallpapers specially black. Also, avoid using custom and animated wallpapers with motion in it.
  4. Use Short Screen Time-Outs : Another small change which will impact in prolonging your battery life in the long run. The short on-screen time will ensure to save battery on powering your screen.
  5. Turn Off services You Do Not Need : Your phone’s Bluetooth and Wifi also drains your battery a lot more than your expectations. The reason is your Bluetooth or Wifi always looking for a nearby device thus it is running all the time even when it is not connected to anything. So make sure to turn these off whenever not in use.
  6. Turn Off Vibration : Vibration requires your phone to manually thus draining the battery level to quite low levels. Use the vibration notification only when necessary, like in a meeting or when outdoors. Using it always will drain your battery more.
  7. Use Power Saver Mode : Every phone in recent times has a optimized battery saver mode to help you prolong it for a few more hours. So whenever you feel that you are out of reach of a charger and your battery is draining faster, than switch to this power saver mode.
  8. Eliminate the Apps Running in The Background : Some of your apps keeps running in the background even when  you close it from the notification centre. These apps eat up a lot of your battery time. So go to your settings and close all unnecessary apps running in the background.
  9. Update Your Apps Regularly :  The applications gets updated from time to time, these updates also improve upon various aspects like performance, use of phone’s processor and improvement in battery life. So make sure to update it regularly or keep your update settings to automatic.
  10. Lower Down the Brightness and Avoid Auto-Brightness : Auto-brightness might seem like a smart move but in reality it ain’t. The use of auto-brightness actually drain more battery than a constant brightness level. So make sure to use a constant brightness level as suitable to your eyes and avoid the auto-brightness function.

    These are some of the smart techniques to prolong the battery life on your phone for good. Make sure to follow them and you will notice a significant change in your battery life in the long run. Also, avoid using vibration notifications as it sucks up a lot of your battery life.Use the charger which came along with your phone as it has been created specifically for your device. You might notice initially but using a third-party charger can damage your phone’s battery to beyond repairable amount.