tips to keep yourself safe from heat waves in summer

Tips To Keep Yourself Safe From Heat Waves In Summer

“Health is wealth” a well-known saying holds very true. Keeping this in mind We’ve organized few simple tips for you to stay safe from rising temperature. You may not realize it but it's really important to take precautions in summer. The warning bells are ringing better you start taking care of yourself as that’s the place you’ve to dwell in.

  • Water is Life: This is rule number one. Don’t let it slip from your head. Drink as much water as you can. As the heat goes up, our body release sweat which results in loss of energy level and electrolytes from our body. Intake flavored water to increase minerals or make Lemonade at home.
  • Eat Light Diet: eat regularly but eat light food. Your body requires nutrients to fight heat and keep you cool. Eat summer veggies but avoid spicy food as its difficult to digest. Imbibe one glass of buttermilk after the meal as it gives a cooling effect.
  • Cold Water Shower: It is the most effective way to decrease your body temperature which will make you feel relaxed instantly. Do wash your face and feet before going to bed. You can apply ice packs on your neck or wipe yourself with a wet towel.
  • Switch off the Lights: using too many electric bulbs heat up the room. Switch them off when not required.
  • Stay Indoor: Keep a check on the temperature and plan your day accordingly. Avoid going out in the sun.
  • Wear loose clothes: wearing loose clothes will help you in air circulation and keep you cool. Wear cotton clothes and cover yourself while moving out.

“Our body is our garden, our will is our gardener.” well quoted by someone. Take care of your body and stay healthy. Happy summer.

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