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Why Mosquitoes Bite Men More than Women?

By: Postbull - Last Upadte November 14, 2017


Do you get bitten by mosquitoes quite often? Well, there is a scientific reason behind it. According to the “center for diseases and prevention,”  men are more often bitten by mosquitoes when compared to women. Entomologist Dr. M.Mahuliya says that it depends on the mosquitoes choice. They have sensors on them through which they detect their prey.

It is female mosquitoes which suck our blood and need them for their larva production.

A lot of research is already going on to find reasons for mosquitoes attraction towards certain kind of preys.

Scientists believe that the main cause for mosquitoes to be attracted towards male is due to their sweating. Since our sweat has all the essential needs for its larva production i.e moisture, heat, smell etc.

Mosquitoes also detect their prey through the heat detection and some other traits which attract them is body smell and people who leave more carbon dioxide.

Most of the moisturizing creams also attract them, so does people with high cholesterol levels. According to another research, pregnant women attract more mosquitoes than the normal ones.

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