Being a woman isn’t easy. From lips to hair one has to check on everything. Giving your face a touch up every time isn’t possible so here are top ten everyday hacks for women to maintain makeup to shoes.

Long Lasting Lipsticks

Lipsticks are the most essential thing of girl’s make up kit. Applying lipstick matching to the outfit has become a trend amongst every woman. Apply lipstick and press your lips on a tissue paper. Apply powder on your lips to make it long lasting.

Polishing inside of the Rings

Sometimes we get ugly stains on our finger due to rings. You can avoid them by applying transparent nail polish inside your rings.

Lukewarm Water with Lemon

Kickstart your day with Lukewarm water and lemon which has multiple benefits. One can maintain good metabolism and also lose weight. You can also add cayenne pepper if you want.

Red Wine Stains

Stains are common. What if you get a red wine stain on your favorite dress? Don’t panic just apply white wine immediately. This will help you remove stain easily while washing.

Drying Nail polish instantly

Applying nail polish is the most favorite thing for women but waiting for it to get dry is like riding a roller coaster. Put your nails inside cold water and get dried nails instantly.

Natural lip color

You can rub a slice of freshly cut beetroot on your lips for crimson color. It natural and attractive.

Removing Chewing Gum from Hair

We also fall into a gum prank once in our lifetime. You don’t need to cut your hair to remove gum. Apply ice cubes to the chewing gum when it becomes hard. Then it becomes easy to remove.

Stretch your Heels

The pain is inevitable when your favorite pair of heels don’t fit anymore. We have a solution for that too. Fill to zip lock plastic bag with water. Keep the sealed bag properly in the toe area of the shoes and keep them in the freezer for 2 days. This will stretch your shoes enough to get comfortable.

Long Lasting Fragrance

Applying moisturizer on the pulse area before spraying perfume on it will help the fragrance to last longer.

Paint keys with Nail Polish

We all get confused between multiple keys. Different colors of nail paints are here to help you. Paint keys with different colors to know which key is of which lock.