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Tips to Deal with Partner’s or your own Jealousy

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If you believe you get jealous because you’re so much in love then you’re absolutely wrong. Jealousy will one day end your relationship, better to start working on it.

What causes 'Jealousy’?

Jealousy is a major issue these days. Most of the couples are suffering from it. Jealousy is eating you. We all need to learn that ‘Jealousy is not the sign of Love.’

According to the research, the following reason triggers Jealousy.

  • People who have low self-esteem seems to get jealous on pity things as they low level of interpersonal confidence. They think that their partner can easily get someone better than them.
  • Neuroticism: People who get mood swings, emotionally unstable and worried for no reason.
  • Possessive partners who give about each and every opposite gender people in their beloved’s life.
  • When the dependency on partner increases or imagining that they don’t they don’t have a good alternative partner also leads to jealousy.
  • When you feel you’re not good enough.
  • When you start feeling that your partner will leave you or doesn’t love you enough.

This is all the insecurities which people have for their partner out of jealousy not out of love.

If you feel your partner is feeling Jealousy then what you should do?

firstly, remember that your partner’s jealousy is about him, not you. Show them love and reassure them your interest or attraction towards them.

What if you feel Jealous?

Are you wondering what should you do if you’re stalking your partner’s social media accounts and feeling jealous over pity things well you need these tips?

  • Avoid situation which tempts you to crave in their social media and drop you jealousy’s hell. According to psychology the jealous partner try to find evidence and start spying on the beloved which lands into a vicious cycle of spying and fighting.
  • Build self-confidence. Work on yourself and relationship.
  • Communication is key to almost every problem. As your partner isn’t a mind reader so you need to explain how you feel about her and relationship. Discuss everything you feel and look for a solution together. This will make you feel satisfied.
  • Don’t show anger or say taunts this may destroy your bond.
  • In some cases jealousy is genuine. When someone’s partner cheats on them then it's obviously to feel so or you’re too serious to get married but your beloved isn’t. When you meet couples whose relationship goals are compatible than yours. But if you’re getting mad on silly things then it's revealing your own insecurities.

“Jealousy is a strong emotion which can break any strong relationship.”

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